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Now, you can let go of your fear, and easily quit smoking…  with the QuitSmartTM method. Proven 200% more effective than any other smoking cessation program, QuitSmart is: effective, quick, painless… and permanent!

Now, you can let go of your fear and easily quit smoking… with the QuitSmart method. Proven 200% more effective than any other smoking cessation program, QuitSmart is effective, quick, painless… and permanent!

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About My Stop Smoking Program

Roger Gray
, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Member A.C.H.E.Let me tell you a little about my stop smoking program. It consists of four sessions over a four week period to help you wean off the tobacco and develop the self-discipline and new healthier habits that are required to become a non-smoker forever. The majority of my practice, about 65% is helping people quit smoking. I have been doing hypnotherapy for 20 years and I know what works for people and what does not. Most of my clientele have been smoking on average, about a pack to three packs a day for 30 to 40 years, and need assistance in quitting. I use both hypnotic and non-hypnotic techniques to help you reprogram your subconscious mind and resolve any internal conflicts that you may have about quitting.

I have combined the most effective techniques that I know to work, into an integrated system that brings about the results you desire. In biology as well as psychology there is always a program for every behavior as well, part of you really wants to quit, and the other part is in resistance to your conscious desire. That means there are two conflicting programs in your mental hard drive. You symbolically have 1 foot on the gas and 1 foot on the brake and you wonder why you can't seem to move forward. I can help you access and resolve this mental stalemate and bring both conscious & subconscious parts of the mind into alignment, when this happens, you move forward to achieve your goals.

The vast majority of clients are very happy with their results and even though they may have struggled to quit before, this time they tell me, it was much easier with the right help and approach. The majority of my clients quit for good. My first session, usually lasts from 1.5 to 2 hours. Most of my sessions, after that, last about and hour and a half. You will learn to wean yourself off the nicotine gradually and effectively and more easily than you thought possible. This is not rocket science, it is just replicating what works. If others can quit successfully using this method so can you.

I charge $450 for my stop smoking program. I ask for the money up front and if you drop out of the stop smoking program before completion, their is no refund. This helps to create a high level of commitment to yourself and your life...only you can determine the value of your health. This package includes support CDs and written material and a recorded CD of your own individual and private hypnotic session for your reinforcement and reprogramming. What gets learned subconsciously and practiced over years, takes conscious effort and repetition to reprogram, this isn't magic, but it works like it. You will get out of my program exactly what you put into it, step forward with your best effort and it will be enough.

Thank you so much for your interest. You may reach me easier by phone, as I don't check my e-mail every day. My number is 530-227-3752. Hope to hear from you soon and have a great day.

Roger Gray
Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Roger Gray
, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Member A.C.H.E.

Roger Gray has been helping people since 1988 to successfully change unwanted and destructive habits.

"If you're as serious as I am about changing your habits, then your success is assured."


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